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- The Palm Beach Post
- Palm Beach Illustrated
- Palm Beach Life Magazine
- South Florida Magazine
- The Miami Herald

- Palm Beach Showcase

Voted best ice cream in Palm Beach County! Best Ice Cream In Palm Beach County!


2014 Blue Ribbon for our Captain's Chocolate Ice Cream

2014 Red Ribbon for our Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

2014 Red Ribbon for our Vanilla Ice Cream

2014 Red Ribbon for our Midnight Chocolate Ice Cream

2014 Award of Excellence for our Mac Daddy Coconut Ice Cream

2013 Red Ribbon for our Vanilla Ice Cream

2013 Red Ribbon for our Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

2013 Red Ribbon for our Strawberry Ice Cream

2013 Red Ribbon for our Vanilla Yogurt

2013 Award of Excellence for our Salted Caramel Ice Cream

2012 Blue Ribbon for our Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

2012 Red Ribbon for our Vanilla Ice Cream

2012 Red Ribbon for our French Vanilla Ice Cream

2012 Red Ribbon for our Captain's Chocolate Ice Cream

2012 Award of Excellence for our Butterscotch Bomb Ice Cream

2011 Red Ribbon for our Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

2011 Red Ribbon for our French Vanilla Ice Cream

2011 Red Ribbon for our Vanilla Ice Cream

2011 Award of Excellence for our Special Praline Ice Cream

2010 Red Ribbon for our Vanilla Ice Cream

2010 Red Ribbon for our Chocolate Ice Cream

2009 Blue Ribbon for our Strawberry Ice Cream

2009 Blue Ribbon for our Vanilla Ice Cream

All Star Association
Recipient of the All Star Dairy Association "All Star
Purchasing Award


Ice Cream Manufacturing Plant

The Ice Cream Club®, Inc. - Our Story:

The Ice Cream Club® is a South Florida based company founded in 1982 by Rich Draper and Tom Jackson with the opening of a retail store in the Plaza Del Mar Shopping Plaza in Manalapan.  While we still own and operate our original store, we have grown to become the Leading Regional Manufacturer and Distributor of Premium Parlor Style Ice Cream, Yogurt and Ice Cream Mixes in the Southeastern U.S. and Caribbean Islands.  All of our products are now produced from our 18,000 sq ft facility in Boynton Beach, Florida.  We employ 55 folks from within the community.  We feature 120 flavors of our premium Artisanal Style Ice Creams, 23 flavors of No Sugar Added Reduced Fat Ice Cream, 26 flavors of Hard Packed Yogurt and 70 flavors of Soft Serve Club Yogurt®.  In addition, we produce a full range of Ice Cream Mixes, whereby we pasteurize and homogenize on premise. We have received numerous awards for our plant and our great tasting products.  We distribute our products wholesale to independent dip store, yogurt shops, other ice cream producers, restaurants, retirement homes, hotels, resorts, and country clubs.  However, in order to protect our food service customers, our award winning products are not sold in grocery stores, bulk warehouses or convenience stores.

The secret to our success is the unbeatable taste of our Artisanal Style Ice Cream and Yogurts.  Over the years, The Ice Cream Club® has become synonymous for large quantities of oversized inclusions throughout the product along with the many creative and unique flavors.   We have held on to the original way ice cream was made, Vat Pasteurization.  This process allows us to pasteurize the Ice Cream Mix at a lower temperature over a longer period of time which in turn naturally imparts a great caramelized taste to the sugars in the Ice Cream Mix.  This process takes longer and is less automated, but the end result in the taste of our ice cream and yogurts makes it worth it!  In addition, this process also has the benefit of preserving the integrity of the ingredients.  So, next time you reach for a dessert choose wisely, choose a dairy product and have a delicious scoop of Ice Cream Club® ice cream. 

We also attribute the great taste of our products to the fact that over 2/3 of all the ingredients utilized to make our award winning products are locally sourced.  We start by using the best cream in Florida.  Our cream comes from a self-sufficient Florida Dairy which utilizes modern equipment to develop and maintain a complete environmentally-sensitive circle in the use of its water, waste and food.  The Dairy has built in every possible environmental aid to make it not only efficient, well run organization, but a good neighbor and outstanding citizen with good stewardship practices in a time which the environment has become an extremely critical issue.     
In addition to our Artisanal Style Ice Cream, we also have an extensive line of Soft Serve Yogurt.  Our Club Yogurt® product line is Probiotic!  Along with the traditional yogurt cultures S. Thermophilus and L. Bulgaricus we have also added probiotic cultures of L. Acidophilus, well known for its health benefits. We use a process called cold inoculation.  Unlike fermentation, where L. Acidophilus does not fare well in competition with the other yogurt cultures, cold inoculation assures high numbers of L. Acidophilus in the finished product. Many Experts agree, when making probiotic frozen desserts, cold inoculation is the preferred approach.   At the time of manufacture, a serving of our frozen yogurt (85 grams) contains 1 billion CFU of L. Acidophilus.   Additional benefits can be found in our No Sugar Added/Fat Free Club Yogurt® which contains Prebiotic Fiber to promote good digestive health.  A serving of our Club Yogurt® provides a good source of calcium. 

Our Quality Control Division is committed to food safety, quality control and product development.  We maintain a Dairy Laboratory on premise to timely and accurately conduct our quality control testing.  Stringent review of raw ingredients for safety and quality, coupled with rigorous control of our processes, ensures you are getting a safe and wholesome product.  All products manufactured by The Ice Cream Club® are certified Kosher.    

The Ice Cream Club® is focused on minimizing its carbon footprint.  Investment into technology has allowed our Plant to load shift electrical needs and produce ice in off peak hours.  A 20 ton block of ice is needed each day to bring the Ice Cream Mix temperature down after pasteurization and prior to freezing.  In addition, the Plant participates in recycling paper and plastic and uses reusable totes whenever possible. Numerous sky lights throughout the Plant allow us to utilize natural lighting instead of electricity in many locations.  Our proprietary Route Optimization Software ensures the maximum amount of product on our trucks with the minimum miles required to deliver.   

The Ice Cream Club® is also civic minded with contributions of time, product and resources in support of numerous charities and scholastic enhancement programs, including Hospice by the Sea, March of Dimes, Alzheimer's Association, Diabetes Association, Department of Children and Families (previously named Corporation of the Year), Boynton Beach High School Career Experience Program, Wellington High School Project Graduation, Forest Hills High School Project Graduation, Children's Services of Palm Beach, United Cerebral Palsy, Palm Beach Police National Night Against Crime, Special Olympics Florida, and Project Lifesaver of Palm Beach County, etc. 

The Ice Cream Club® remains committed to lending a voice to the many issues affecting small business.  Richard D. Draper, CEO & Co-Founder of The Ice Cream Club®, was invited to testify at a hearing of the Committee on Small Business of the U.S. House of Representatives in regards to the affects of regulations on small business.  In addition, The Ice Cream Club® is actively involved in the International Dairy Foods Association, All Star Dairy Association, Florida Dairy Products Association, National Ice Cream Retailers Association, Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association and Localecopia.

The Ice Cream Club® produces over 1 million gallons of finished product per year and has an eye on expanding into new markets throughout the Country.  Our ongoing success is the result of the contributions from our awesome team of long term employees, our long term vendors and the loyalty and support of our customers!

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