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Our cream comes from a self-sufficient Florida Dairy which utilizes modern equipment to develop and maintain a complete environmentally-sensitive circle in the use of its water, waste and food.

Apple Strudel:

Picnics, Baseball and Delicious Apple-Cinnamon flavored ice cream stuffed with pie crust pieces & swirled with an cinnamon-apple   ribbon.....let the memories begin...

Banana Strawberry:

Tropical Banana-Strawberry ice cream.....refreshing and truly satisfying!

Baja Chocolate:

Rich Chocolate ice cream with dunes of cookie dough, chocolate boulder chips & marshmallow ribbon.

Bear Claw®:

Dark intense Chocolate ice cream with thick ribbon of caramel and chocolate

covered cashews. It'll keep you Roaring for more!


No monkey business around here! This delicious ice cream will have you



Birthday Cake:

Just one more reason to need to wait till your Birthday.....Rich Cake ice cream with pieces of yellow cake, blue cotton candy flavored icing and rainbow



Banana Cream Pie:

The ultimate Banana Cream monkey business just creamy Banana ice cream with marshmallow ribbon and baked pie crust pieces.

Black Cherry:

The ultimate original Deep Black Cherry ice cream

exploding with bordeaux cherries.

Black Raspberry:

Sweet-n-Tangy Black     Raspberry ice cream.


You won't want anyone

touching your......

Vanilla ice cream loaded

with crushed Butterfinger® candy bars!

Blueberry Cheesecake:

Rich & Creamy

Cheesecake ice cream swirled with a blueberry ribbon.

Butter Pecan:

Always a Top Seller....

Awesome Butter Pecan ice cream loaded with lightly salted, roasted pecans.

Blue Moon:

An Upper Midwesterners' specialty.....Super fruity & almond flavored ice cream with a flowing river of marshmallow.

Butterscotch Bomb:

This flavor is flying off the shelves.....Butterscotch ice cream loaded with a thick ribbon of butterscotch and exploding with brownies, heath bars, cookies and peanut butter cups....need we say more!

Bubble Gum:

Kids will love this Bubble Gum flavored ice cream loaded with gumballs.

Butterscotch Swirl:

Smooth Vanilla ice cream with a rich butterscotch swirl.

“C” is for Cookie:

Vibrant blue Vanilla ice cream loaded with cookie dough pieces and crushed cookies.

Captain’s Chocolate:

Smooth, triple rich 

award winning

Chocolate ice cream....

The Ice Cream Club®

House Chocolate!

Cake ‘N Batter:

Memories of tasting the batter are more than

fulfilled with this Golden Cake Batter flavored ice cream with pieces of moist yellow cake.

Caramel Caribou®:

Always a crowd


Toffee ice cream

overflowing with a thick river of caramel and mini chocolate caramel cups.

Calypso Crunch:

Rich Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter filled chocolate covered pretzels and a river of peanut butter running through it.

Carrot Cake:

You can stop baking, this is the ultimate Carrot Cake recipe......

Carrot Cake ice cream with fresh walnuts and

a thick ribbon of

cream cheese frosting.

Cappuccino Chip:

Smooth Cappuccino ice cream filled with lucious liquid chocolate chips.

Cherries ‘N Cream:

For the cherry lover in you this is the ultimate Vanilla ice cream loaded with

maraschino cherries.

Cherry Vanilla:

Get your Cherry fix with this Vanilla ice cream loaded with Bordeaux cherries.

Chocolate Chip:

Vanilla ice cream loaded with large chunks of smooth

chocolate chips.

Cherry Oblivion:

Creamy Black Cherry ice cream loaded with black cherries & lucious liquid chocolate chips.

Chocolate Chip


Vanilla ice cream filled with lucious liquid chocolate chips.

Chocolate Almond:

Our Signature Captain's Chocolate ice cream loaded with roasted almonds.

Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake:

Cheesecake ice cream swirled with a decadently rich

chocolate cookie crunch and teaming with pieces of creamy cheesecake.

Chocolate Cake:

Rich Chocolate ice cream with pieces of moist chocolate cake.....

P.S.  Our Ice Cream

Production Manager, Jim's, favorite flavor!

Chocolate Fudge Brownie:

Rich Chocolate ice cream with moist fudge brownies & a thick river of chocolate fudge.

Chocolate Peanut


Rich Chocolate ice cream swirled with creamy ribbon of peanut butter.

Coconut Almond Fudge:

Sometimes you feel like ..... Tropical Coconut ice cream with fudge ribbon & whole roasted almonds.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle:

Craving the ultimate chocolate fix, this flavor is "Valentine's in a spoon" and the perfect "Get out of jail card"...A light raspberry

flavored rich Chocolate ice cream with raspberry ribbon and dark chocolate mini raspberry cups...

happiness awaits!

Coconut Pineapple:

Tropical Coconut ice cream with a delicious and chunky swirl of pineapple.....

a tropical paradise awaits!


Delicious & powerful

Cinnamon ice cream.....

great on it's own or the

perfect topping for

any dessert!

Coffee Club®:

Bold and creamy Coffee Club® ice cream. A coffee drinker’s dream!


Tropical Coconut ice cream swimming with

coconut flakes.

Coffee Chip:

Coffee ice cream loaded with rich chocolate chips.

Cookie Dough:

Can't get enough of this Sweet Cookie flavored ice cream loaded with chunks of cookie dough and sweet chocolate chips.

Double Chocolate Chip:

Rich and creamy Chocolate ice cream loaded with

large chocolate chips.

Cookies ‘N Cream:

Scrumptious Cookie

flavored ice cream with crushed chocolate cookies in every bite!  It's a staple for a reason!


The ultimate

creamsicle treat.....

Sweet Vanilla ice cream & tangy Orange Sherbet swirled together.

Cotton Candy:

The carnival kicked up

a notch.....

Cotton candy flavored ice cream loaded with colorful mini M&M's.

Dulce De Leche:

This latin classic will make your Abuela (Grandma) proud....

Sweet Cream ice cream swirled with a caramel ribbon.

Creamy Praline:

Praline ice cream swimming with lightly salted, roasted pecans and butterscotch......

you've got to try it!

Dulce De Leche Cheesecake:

This latin classic kicked up

a knotch.....

Sweet Caramel Cheesecake ice cream swirled with caramel ribbon & chunks of creamy cheesecake.

Egg Nog (Seasonal):

Sweet & delicious Egg Nog ice cream. 

A seasonal favorite!

Eyes Wide Open:

Intense coffee ice cream…enough said!!

Elephant Ears:

Vanilla ice cream swirled with peanut butter & large chocolate chips.

French Vanilla:

Sweet & delicious French Vanilla ice cream. A smooth endeavor for those looking for a little sweetness.

English Toffee ‘N Cream:

Sweet Toffee ice cream loaded with Heath® candy bar pieces.

Fun Dough:

Kids love this vibrant yellow ice cream loaded with large chunks of red and blue cookie fun dough !!

Extreme Chocolate:

Rich Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate ice cream swirled together.

Garbage Can®:

Our original

trademark flavor....

Generous chunks of

7 different brand name

candy bars and

granulated peanuts in

Vanilla ice cream.

Gold Mine:

Rich Chocolate & French Vanilla ice cream swirled together with a

caramel ribbon.

Hawaiian Fruit Cup:

Tropical Coconut ice cream with pineapple chunks

and strawberries....

a truly refreshing treat!

German Chocolate:

Rich Chocolate Coconut ice cream loaded with brownies, fresh walnuts and

caramel ribbon.

Heavenly Hash:

Rich Chocolate ice cream swirled with creamy

marshmallow, butter-roasted almonds & chocolate chips.

Grape Nut:

Grape Nut ice cream with loads of grape nut cereal....

the Islands await you....

Kahlua Almond Fudge:

Kahlua ice cream swirled

with chocolate fudge &

whole roasted almonds.

Guava Cheesecake:

We're South Floridians so we wouldn't make Guava unless we knew

it was GREAT.......

Creamy and Delicious Guava Cheesecake ice cream with chunks of creamy cheesecake.

Key Lime Pie:

We're based in South Florida so we know Key Lime done right........

Delicious Key Lime ice cream filled with chunks of baked pie crust.

Mac Daddy Coconut:

Missing a Hawaiian getaway, next best thing......

Coconut ice cream with

macadamia nuts swirled with fudge and butterscotch.


Tropical & fruity

Mango ice cream.

Mackinac Turtle Fudge:

Butter Pecan ice cream

with roasted pecans, chunks

of butter pecan fudge, and

a Mackinac classic

butter pecan fudge swirl.

Maple Walnut:

Sweet Maple ice cream loaded with walnuts.

Magic Mint:

Mint ice cream swirled

with rich chocolate

cookie crunch.

Mexican Hot Chocolate:

Can you handle the HEAT?....

Mexican Chocolate ice cream with a pinch of cinnamon,

tons of mini marshmallows and a CAYENNE KICK!!!

Malt Ball Fudge:

Classic flavor....

addictive malt and chocolate combination chock full of malt balls.

Midnight Chocolate:


here we come.....

Rich Dark Chocolate ice cream flowing with rich creamy fudge.

Milky Way:

Nougat flavored ice cream swirled with caramel and chunks of Milky Way

candy bar.

Mint Moose Tracks®:

Mint ice cream with mini

chocolate mint chips and

a rich ribbon of famous Moose Tracks® fudge.

Mint Chip:

Refreshing Mint ice cream

with large, rich chocolate chips.

Mississippi Mud:

Rich Chocolate ice cream with a river of rich fudge & chocolate chips.

Mint Chip Special:

Mint ice cream filled with liquid chocolate chips.

Moose Tracks®:

Creamy Vanilla ice cream swirled with rich fudge & mini chocolate covered peanut butter cups.

Mint Cookies ‘N Cream:

Classic Mint ice cream loaded with crushed cookies.

Mountain Mocha:

A mountain of roasted

 almonds and a river of fudge in Mocha ice cream.

Orange Pineapple:

Fruity Orange flavored ice cream with chunks of sweet pineapple.

Peach Melba:

If Georgia Peaches weren't enough, this Sweet Peach ice cream is filled with large chunks of peaches and then swirled with a yummy

raspberry ribbon....


Nutty Coconut:

Tropical, creamy Coconut ice cream loaded with roasted

almonds & pecans.

Peanut Butter Cups:

Classic Peanut Butter ice cream loaded with crushed Reeses® peanut butter cups and swirled with a creamy peanut butter ribbon.

Palm Beach:

You don't have to live in Palm Beach to appreciate this truly decadent treat.....

Rich Chocolate ice cream with butterscotch weave and roasted pecans.

Peanut Butter Fudge:

Rich, thick fudge swirled in Peanut Butter ice cream.


Did you say Georgia?.....

this Delicious Peach ice cream is loaded with peaches and

would make a Southern proud!

Peppermint Flash:

Refreshing and vibrant

Peppermint ice cream filled with peppermint candy.

Pirate’s Plunder:

Rich chocolate ice cream

loaded with chocolate covered pecans, mini chocolate caramel cups & thick golden caramel swirl. A true treasure!

Purple Daze:

Hopefully this Jimi Hendrix inspired flavor will make

his fans proud....

Black Raspberry ice cream with a black raspberry crinkle, and dark chocolate black raspberry cups.


My Brother's all time


the Ultimate Pistachio

ice cream loaded with

roasted pistachios......


Raspberry Truffle:

A Heavenly combination ......

Raspberry ice cream with raspberry ribbon & dark chocolate raspberry cups.

Pistachio Almond:

Our extraordinary Pistachio ice cream loaded with

roasted whole almonds.

Red Raspberry


Rich & creamy cheesecake ice cream swirled with a

delectable raspberry ribbon.

Pumpkin (Seasonal):

Our scrumptious Pumpkin ice cream. Its better than

homemade pumpkin pie!

Red Velvet Cake:

Fan favorite....

Red Velvet ice cream with chunks of decadent red velvet cake and a rich ribbon of cream cheese icing.

Red, White and Blue (Seasonal):

Vanilla ice cream in

vibrant patriotic red, white, & blue colors.

Salty Caramel Peanut:

 Salty caramel ice cream with a salty caramel ribbon and salty roasted peanuts.....

YUMMO and addictive!

Road Trip:

No need to travel, the fun begins after your first spoonful of this Rich

Chocolate ice cream with moist fudge brownie chunks & creamy peanut butter.


Blue Raspberry ice cream loaded with miniature


Rocky Road:

Rich Chocolate ice cream with miniature marshmallows &

roasted almonds.

Special Praline:

Praline pecans & caramel swirled together in smooth

Vanilla ice cream.

Rum Raisin:

Fantastic Rum flavored

ice cream loaded

with raisins.


Always a crowd pleaser.....

Swirled Pistachio, Chocolate and Cherry Ice Cream with roasted almonds and a special blend of tropical fruits.

Stellar Coffee:

If you’re a coffee lover, this is a must have….there is no better!!! Rich Coffee Club® ice cream with delicious fudge and mini dark chocolate coffee cups.

Sunken Treasure®:

 Dive into a Buttery Vanilla ice cream filled with chocolate covered pecans, mini caramel cups & a golden caramel swirl.


Snickers® Candy Bar

flavored ice cream filled with Snickers® candy bar pieces & a thick ribbon of caramel.


Kids # 1 superhero flavor......

Vanilla flavored ice cream in vibrant red, yellow,

& blue colors.


Creamy Strawberry ice cream with chunks of strawberries and a strawberry swirl.

Toasted Coconut:

Toasted Coconut ice cream with mounds of

toasted coconut flakes.....

consider yourself warned,

it's addicting.....

Strawberry Cheesecake:

The ultimate classic Cheesecake ice cream loaded with chunks of creamy cheesecake and a flavorful strawberry ribbon.


Creamy Vanilla ice cream loaded with Twix® candy bars and a thick ribbon of caramel.


Back to basics.....

our award winning smooth & creamy Vanilla ice cream. Simply delicious!

Vanilla Bean:

This Blue Ribbon winner is a Buttery Vanilla ice cream that's loaded with ground vanilla beans giving it the ultimate vanilla flavor!

Vanilla Fudge:

Creamy Vanilla ice cream swirled with a rich

chocolate fudge.

Winter Holiday (Seasonal):

Unbelievably wonderful

White Chocolate ice cream with chocolate covered cherry cups & cherry ribbon.

Perfect for the holiday season!



Key Lime Sherbet:

Sweet Key Lime Sherbet.

Rainbow Sherbet:

Lime, Orange, & Raspberry Sherbets swirled together in perfect harmony!

The best of all worlds!

Lime Sherbet:

Delicious Lime Sherbet.

Raspberry Sherbet:

Fruity Raspberry Sherbet.

Orange Sherbet:

Right out of the Peel!  

Fruity Florida Orange Sherbet.

Strawberry Sherbet:

Sweet & fruity Strawberry Sherbet.

Pineapple Sherbet:

Sweet & Tropical Pineapple Sherbet.





Refreshing Daiquiri

flavored ice. (Non-Dairy)


Refreshing & Tangy Tangerine Sorbet. (Non-Dairy)


A zesty Lemon

flavored ice. (Non-Dairy)


Chilling Watermelon


it's summertime in each scoopful! (Non-Dairy)


A tropical Mango Sorbet.   

Bring out the islander in you! (Non-Dairy)


Zesty & radical Raspberry

Sorbet. (Non-Dairy)

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