Products & Services

  • Over 40 mixes produced
  • All mixes manufactured in house
  • Custom mixes and private label available
  • Dairy Laboratory on premesis for quality control and product development
  • Quality ingredients
  • All mixes are Kosher
  • Packaging: 2 (2 1/2 gallon) bags per case
  • Full commissary of ingredients for ice cream production including variegates, weaves, inclusions, nuts, flavorings, candy pieces, and no sugar added ingredients
  • Distribution to Southeastern US
  • Containers
  • Competitive pricing

Hard Pack Mixes

  • 10% Mix
  • 10% Chocolate Mix
  • 12% Mix
  • 12% Chocolate Mix
  • 14% Mix
  • 14% Chocolate Mix
  • No Sugar Added/Reduced Fat Ice Cream Mix
  • No Sugar Added/Reduced Fat Chocolate Ice Cream Mix
  • 3.5%  Club Yogurt® Mix
  • 3.5% Chocolate Club Yogurt® Mix
  • Fat Free Club Yogurt® Mix
  • Fat Free Chocolate Club Yogurt® Mix
  • Sherbet
  • Water Ice
  • Gelato Mixes

Soft Serve Mixes

  • Fat Free Club Yogurt®
  • Fat Free Chocolate Club Yogurt®
  • 5% Plain
  • 5% Chocolate
  • 3.5% Plain Club Yogurt®
  • 3.25% Chocolate Club Yogurt®
  • 10% Soft Serve
  • 10% Chocolate Soft Serve
  • 10% Custard
  • 10% Chocolate Custard
  • No Sugar Added/Fat Free Club Yogurt®
  • Chocolate No Sugar Added/Fat Free Club Yogurt®


Our facility is inspected by the Florida Department of Agriculture who regularly samples the products, and by the Food and Drug Administration. The Ice Cream Club® maintains a Dairy Laboratory to insure quality and develop new products. The Quality Control Department is actively involved in promoting Allergen Awareness to our customers and follows a stringent HACCP program.  All mixes are certified Kosher.

Cases of Ice Cream Mix
Mixes are packed in 2 (2 1/2 gallon) bags per case


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